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          1. 挑战

          2. 说明

          3. 造型

          4. 刻意练习

          5. 疑问

          6. 反馈


          All units of work across all EBacc subjects have a Knowledge Organiser that runs alongside them.  The 知识组织者 contain the most powerful knowledge from each of the topics that are studied. 



          Our Programme of education was built as a collaborative process that sequenced learning across subject and Key Stage teams. It was designed with the needs of our students at its core.


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          Teacher subject knowledge (used to promote discussions, understanding is checked systematically, misconceptions identified and addressed, and teaching is adapted to address to students’ needs)

          Collaborative planning in teams ensures that teaching methods are consistent all staff are secure in their understanding and delivery of lessons. Teachers and leaders use assessment well to check understanding and inform teaching Use of professional development to ensure quality of pedagogy . 

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          1. Spaced Practice - Use of do nows and PPEs ensure that full use is made of the “forgetting curve”.  学生们 have time to revisit knowledge at intervals when they might have forgotten it, this cementing  it in their long term memory 

          2. 检索 - 组织者用于知识的功课,自quizzing和诵经,确保知识是关键易于检索。

          3. Interleaving - The curriculum  as a whole, and groups of lessons, are sequenced in such as way that connections between knowledge are cumulative and impactful. The programme of education is designed to maximise the threading together of the most powerful knowledge.


          1. 双重编码 - 团队共享的实践和规划提供视觉刺激和连接到他们巩固在长期记忆这些知识

          2. 具体例子 - 如上。具体的例子是预先计划和共同学习,以确保这来自他们是安全的,有效的和明确的。

          3. 阐述 - 允许规划和学习知识要详细阐述,并就建立在长期记忆固定牢靠。






          At Atlantic Academy, we believe that a well-thought-out curriculum which meets the needs of students should lead to at least good results for students which reflect what they have learned. The impact of the curriculum is evaluated through the following measures:


          The curriculum incorporates the National 课程 2014 statutory requirements and Department of Education guidance. Supplementary to this, the curriculum of the school reflects the local context and development needs of students. 

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